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The EASIEST Way To Get You From Down In The Dumps To Grateful And Thankful!

When life is crazy, finding something to be grateful for can feel impossible!

The “365 Days Of Gratitude” Printable Journal takes the guess work out of thankfulness by giving you an entire years worth of unique prompts that jog your tired mom brain, and help you find the good all around you.

Right now, you can get the “365 Days of Gratitude” journal, which is usually $23, for Just $14!

Plus I’ll give you my Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker completely for free

Don’t pass this deal up! 

Self Care Done For You

I’m sure you’ve been told this hundreds of times…

“You gotta take care of yourself!”

“Mama, you deserve to have some you time!”

“You HAVE to practice self care!”

But between cleaning the spit up off our shirts, convincing tired toddlers that sleeping is actually necessary, and occasionally eating food and bathing, who has the time?

Starting a gratitude journal from scratch can be a long process full of prep work and research. Who actually has the time for that?

Other gratitude journals are often full of endless pages of “today I’m grateful for…” or its pages and pages of deep, involved, endless questions that feel more like work than self care. For real, who actually has the time for that?

You are a mom, boss, queen, and machine, and your time is VALUABLE! You deserve quality self care without the prep work and hassle! 

The “365 Days of Gratitude” journal really is self care done for you! If you can squeeze out 5 minutes a day, then you can do this! 

Give yourself the gift of the simplest self care ever!

Take a Sneak Peek Inside

Do I really need a gratitude journal?

Short answer: YES!

Slightly longer answer: There are so many benefits of gratitude journaling, anyone can benefit from it. Practicing gratitude though journaling has been proven to be effective for your mental health in so many ways. 

Here’s just a few ways gratitude journaling could benefit your mental health:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, this is not a physical notebook. The “365 Days of Gratitude” journal is a printable journal. In order to use it, you will need to be able to print it on your own. 
  • After your purchase, you will be automatically emailed a digital download of your journal. From there you can save it on your device and print it whenever you’re ready.
  • Only if you want to! The journal is designed with journaling pages if you want to use those, or you can print out the month-to-month prompts if you would rather use your own notebook, phone, napkin, or whatever you want! Once you receive your download of the journal, you can print out as little or as much of it as you want. 
  • That is completely up to you! You’re going to receive the greatest benefit from the journal if you make it a daily habit, but we all slip up sometimes. If you miss a day or two, then hop back in when you can! 
  • I include a “how to” page with both the habit and mood tracker, so you don’t have to guess how they work. 

Hi! I'm Emily

I am the voice behind The Overcoming Mom. 

Shortly after having my son in December 2018, I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. As a Christian, I also struggled with my faith in the Lord while battling my mental health issues. 

I silently struggled for a year. I was afraid to tell anyone what was happening. One night after a particularly rough day battling my own thoughts, I had an epiphany. 

I can either let this take me over, or I can overcome it. 

That night I started this journey to learn how to overcome the obstacles that motherhood throws our way, starting with postpartum depression. It was a long road, but through Jesus, professional help, and making practical changes to my life, I overcame. 

It is my prayer and my mission to help you overcome the obstacles motherhood throws at you. 

This is your LAST CHANCE!

Don’t let this deal run away from you!

Give yourself the gift of the easiest self care ever!

Right now only, get the “365 Days of Gratitude” journal, PLUS the Habit Tracker AND Mood Tracker for the low price of $14

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