Hi! I’m Emily

In December 2019 I had my firstborn son, Micah. I was expecting to experience the sweet new mommy bliss that all my friends had done before. Instead I experienced the worst storm of my life.

I started having panic attacks, crippling guilt, depressive episodes, and suicidal thoughts. This plagued me for my sons entire first year of life.

Finally after a year of suffering, I decided that enough was enough. I sought help, started leaning on Jesus again, and realized that some things had to change.

I started making some radical changes in my life. Instead of ignoring my mental health, I started making it a priority. I’m not saying I have it all figured out, but I’ve figured out a lot along the way. 

Now I feel like I can safely say I “had” postpartum depression. It no longer has me. Through the power of Jesus, and making practical changes to my life, I overcame.

Currently, it is my mission to teach mothers everywhere that in Jesus, we can overcome anything!

I currently live in the Cincinnati area with my son Micah, my husband Matt, and my two cats, Furguson and Timber.